Walk Your Way to Losing Weight – Burn Surprising Calories Just by Walking

Authored By Ben Fisher

It does not necessarily take to have a membership in a fitness gym in losing weight. One can do it right at the convenience of his or her house or virtually anywhere. For most dieters, athletes and health conscious walking is their choice of exercise. It should not be a surprise because walking is gentle on joints while a potential fat burner.

Even on flat terrain, a walk for half an hour at brisk pace can shed off 75 to 100 calories. When you choose to hike up on hills, the calories you burn reaches 250 calories. To enjoy walking, there are three simple guidelines to walk you through losing weight.

1. Find a suitable shoe. For this exercise, the only gear you will need is a pair of a decent walking shoe. The right shoes to walk are the ones that give you comfort and do not pressure the toes, but rather allowing them to stay relaxed. When you fit on shoes, choose the pair that makes you feel good. Here are further tips:
a. Wear a pair of socks you will use in walking.
b. Try on a pair of shoes because mostly, people’s feet are not of the same size.
c. Make allowance. When you walk, the feet are swollen. Select the pair with a thumb’s width between the longest toe and the end of the shoe.

2. Check your posture. When you start to walk, the proper posture is important. Follow these tips.
a. Stand up straight
b. Look ahead and keep your neck straight and head held high to avoid unwanted strain on your neck and shoulders.
c. Move your arms. Bend the elbows and allow the arms to swing naturally at your sides.
d. Do not carry the weight. It can pull you off balance and strain the muscles in your back and legs.


Stay safe. Even as walking is among the best approaches in losing weight, it is still wise to make few precautions such as:
a. Wearing a piece of reflective clothing when you walk at night.
b. Bring a good flashlight in case the path is dimly lit.
c. When walking is done on a warm weather, drinking a tall glass of water before venturing out is recommended.
d. Protect your ankles against a rugged or bumpy path. Wearing a comfortable elastic bandage for support is advised.


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