Utilizing an Elliptical Trainer

Authored By Ben Fisher

You will be forgiven to think that the only way you can increase your cardio capacity, burn out calories and lose weight is by jumping up and down on a treadmill, or by cycling on a regular basis. While these are good forms of exercise, they tend to exert too much pressure on your joints, and as a result cause less gain and more pain. If you have tried many exercise equipment and have never tried an elliptical machine, you have no reason not to.

During the 80s, cross-country ski machines came into being, replacing stationary bikes and treadmills. This is because the machines allowed health fans to exercise and reap more benefit in very little time. Even though the cross-country machines were outstanding, most people found the movements somewhat aberrant hence a bit taxing to practice.

It is because of this that health and fitness machine manufacturers thought they could modify the design to simulate what people in normal day to day life do; step, walk, cycle and ski, but this time in an elliptical motion. The manufacturers believed that an elliptical motion will produce very little or even no impact at all. As a result, people will work out more, and burn out more calories without necessarily getting tired or getting burnt out more easily.

It is normal to question the effectiveness of an elliptical machine to burn calories. Conversely, thousands of elliptical machines are available in the market today, and how effective the machines are in burning out calories vary from one machine to another. Manufacturers of certain brands claim that the machine can burn more than 700 calories per hour. While this may, or may not be true, burning of calorie entirely depends on whoever is using the machine i.e.

the effort one exerts and the time one invests in working out. It is however right to say that calorie-burning rate can be equaled to the cross country ski machine rates.

An elliptical machine has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. First off, it can be used for any fitness level, by any age group and it works out the entire body in the shortest time possible. Since it has low-impact exercise, the machine is fit even for the elderly. The machine produces very little noise; hence you don’t have to miss your favorite program on TV or radio just because you are exercising.

The disadvantages emanate from the advantages. Since it is easy to use it, people tend to misuse it; they forget the meaning of warming up. Others tend to exercise their heart rates to the maximum. Due to lack of impact, the entire workout may burn few calories if less effort is used. When purchasing an elliptical machine, it is always advisable to ‘road test’ it first, even if it means going shopping dressed in your workout gear. There are various models and brands available, just look at the features and find one that fits your budget perfectly well. Above all, consult your doctor and discuss if the machine and the workout it will give you is fit for your health.


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