Track Your Calories With a Digital Pedometer

Authored By Ben Fisher

A digital pedometer, a instrument that measures the steps you take by using body motion, is a convenient device to use to track the amount of calories you burned from walking. Small and lightweight, it can be placed on your belt or carried in your pocket.

The device is also more than just a measuring tool. By noting the distance you walked and calories you burned, it can be used as a motivator to increase your physical activity.

How Many Steps

For long-term health and reduced risk of certain diseases, it is recommended by the American Surgeon General that you exercise by taking 10,000 steps a day. This is roughly the amount of steps you would accumulate if you were to walk for 30 minutes.

For weight loss, the recommendation is between 12,000 to 15,000 steps be taken per day. It is also suggested that 3,000 steps be taken at a fast rate to build aerobic fitness.

Type of Digital Pedometers

A popular model is Omron Digital Pedometer. As well as measuring your steps during walking, it can also measure the aerobic steps you take during exercise. It also has a 7-day memory function to track your progress. You can purchase one for around $ 25 dollars.

Even though these models are fairly reliable, they can give inaccurate readings if you are doing anything else besides walking, such as moving up and down or not walking consistently.

To over come this, some pedometers now use GPS. Even though they are more expensive, they are more accurate and reliable. The only drawback is that they can’t be used inside, and the signal can be weak on cloudy days or around tall buildings.

With prices over a hundred dollars, these types of devices are also fairly expensive.

A popular model of this type is the Garmin Forerunner. Besides measuring distance traveled and calories burned, it also has a history function that can keep track of progress for several years. It also contains other functions such as a virtual training assistant and a function to alert you of the distance you’ve traveled.

Set Goals

When we get a new toy, at first we are enthusiastic about using it. That enthusiasm soon tapers off after its novelty wears off. That being said, it’s important to set realistic and long term goals with your new device.

If 10,000 steps or 30 minutes of walking gets to be too much for you initially, go for 5,000 or whatever you can handle. And like in the fable the tortoise and the hare, the race doesn’t necessarily go to the swift, but to the one who persists.

By doing this, you get the most out of your digital pedometer and ensure that it doesn’t become a paperweight.


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