Top Tips on How to Burn Calories Fast

Authored By Ben Fisher

There are some great ways that will teach you how to burn calories fast but often the best ones are the least known or in some cases the methods that are simply overlooked. Discovering these techniques and even using just one of the methods is a sure fire way to shed some pounds.

I will try to keep this simple. I appreciate that like me you are probably not a doctor or a crazed biological engineer of some sort and so a clear explanation will hopefully benefit more people.

I am going to outline 3 ways to burn calories:

1. Build muscle. I know this sounds a little backward but during the late 90’s scientists began to discover that muscle burns calories even when it is doing very little. So the more muscle your body contains the more calories it will burn. Imagine the muscle requiring food and energy. This is also true in the growth of muscle tissue, which even happens whilst you are asleep, especially if you have just finished a workout. The muscle will need to burn calories in order for it to initially build, develop and form.

So head to the gym and focus a little more on the weights section and not cardio vascular exercises. CV only burns fat during the actual exercise. Not when you sleep or rest. Remember you don’t have to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger build, just tone up a little.

2. Rapid changes in heart rate. If you are going to look at cardio vascular exercise to lose weight, do not go for long steady sessions that get you into that fat burning zone as we are led to believe. Its actually rapid changes in heart rate that burn more calories. Longer sessions will burn fat but they gear your body for stamina not fat burning.

Try running for 1 minute, rest for 2 then sprint for 1 minute and rest for 2.

Repeat this several times in a cardio session. Also short hill sprints for this method are great too. Its a short, intense burst that your after. Your body is shocked into providing instant energy and will burn those pounds away to provide it.

3. Diet. Yes I said it. But I don’t mean some new Hollywood diet that consists of colonic irrigation and a celery soup 3 times a day. Just be sensible. Find a diet plan that provides you with healthy meals designed to give you a calorie deficiency.

It should be simple to follow and have lots of options so you’re not hungry, bored or confused. This way you should be able to stick to it and get great results.

But if you really want to learn how to burn calories fast. Combine all 3 and watch the weight drop off!


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