Tips To Avoiding Razor Burns or Nicks!

Tips To Avoiding Razor Burns or Nicks!

Authored By Ben Fisher

When you shave, you may think of it as a quick and easy job which involves little to no preparation. Are you aware of the problems you can get after shaving, such as razor burns, spots, and/or dry skin? With some smart preparation and TLC, you can ensure you get smooth, blemish free skin every single time you shave. Here is how you can achieve it:


Exfoliating is very useful if you shave your legs regularly. Before you shave your legs, use a good body scrub or exfoliator with a nice mitt or sea sponge. Give your legs a good scrub, and you’ll will remove any dead skin which can get in the way of shaving or clog up your pores. After you have shaved your legs, rub them with your sponge or exfoliating mitt because this will help to eliminate any potential ingrowing hairs.

Use a good quality razor

Using an old or blunt razor will give you razor burns. This is because the razor will grate across your skin and not cut through the hairs properly leaving you with nicks and burns which sting afterwards. To avoid razor burns, make sure the razor you are using is new or sharp and don’t leave your razor out to rust.

 Get a good shaving cream

Use a shaving cream to nourish your skin and act as your guide when you are shaving your legs. This will ensure your skin stays protected and is nice and smooth when you are done. Not using a good cream can mean you miss patches or only get parts of the hairs and leave you with a half-finished job and potential ingrown hairs. That is definitely no fun!

Rinse with cold water

Once you’re done shaving, a good tip is to rinse the shaved area with cold water to prevent razor burns – this really works. The cold water ensures that your skin is nice and tight and prevents any ingrown hairs from forming. It also rules out any bumps that are caused by heat. This is a tip you won’t want to forget.


When you have finished shaving your legs, your skin will have taken a bit of a battering and will be subject to becoming dry. It is important that you treat it to a rich moisturizing treatment. Any off the shelf body moisturizer will do and will ensure your legs don’t get dry and remain smooth.


No matter what body part you are shaving, you can ensure that your result is smooth, soft skin that is free from razor burns, bumps, cuts and nicks. Never rush shaving. You should treat it like a beauty or pamper treatment to ensure you always get the best results possible.


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