Jogging Benefits For Weight Loss

Authored By Ben Fisher

Exercise and diet are important for health and wellness as well as for losing weight. Jogging is one of the simplest, yet effective workouts for weight loss as it involves the whole body and especially the large muscles of the legs. What makes jogging to lose weight so unique is that a little effort goes a long way. Jogging is not as strenuous as running so it is easier to build up a steady workout regimen that will ensure weight loss.

Beginners must exercise caution before plunging into serious jogging especially if they are extremely overweight as it could lead to serious injuries or any health complications. It is necessary therefore to seek first medical advice before starting to jog. If you are slightly overweight and in good physical shape, jogging to lose weight may easily work well for you.

Weight loss through jogging cannot be attained overnight. One has to set a specific goal for weight loss through jogging. A pound of body weight can be shed weekly if you will body will burn 500 more calories than you consume each day. Weight loss can be effectively attained by a combination of diet and exercise. To get to that goal of shedding at least a pound per week, an average person must try to cut back calorie consumption by at least 250 calories per day and burn the other 250 calories through exercise such as jogging.

Those who intend to lose weight by jogging must know how many calories they burn per minute of jogging. People who weigh between 127 to 137 pounds burn 9.2 calories per minute of jogging. People weighting between 160 to 170 pounds burn 12.7 calories per minute of jogging. An average person who weighs 150 pounds will therefore lose about 10 calories per minute of jogging.

Multiply 10 calories by the number of minutes you will be jogging and you can come up with the number of calories that you can burn each time you jog. Therefore, a 25 minute jog will burn 250 calories while a 30 minute jog will burn 300 calories. It will then easy to figure out how much calories a jogger can lose per day of jogging.

It will be necessary that a person who aims to lose weight through jogging must create a schedule to follow throughout the week in order to figure out how much calories he will be burning in such week and at the same time make variations in his schedule to avoid any monotony or loss of motivation. One can schedule alternate days of shorter jog but at higher speed followed by a longer jog at slower speed. Some moderate jogging days could be added to the mix to ensure that there will be no burnout or boredom.

After making a habit of jogging at your favorite time, you will notice that jogging comes easy and naturally, making it a part of your daily activities. You will just notice that you become physically fit and that you have attained your desired body weight.


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