How To Wash Your Hair – The Right Way

How To Wash Your Hair – The Right Way

Authored By Ben Fisher

Washing your hair isn’t as simple as just grabbing the closest bottle of shampoo and covering your hair in generous amounts of it! Or at least it shouldn’t be! Washing your hair should be a careful beauty procedure, which you take a lot of care with. When cleansing your face you are gentle and you follow with moisturizer – we hope! Your hair deserves the same attention when you wash it, a healthy hair routine with shampoo and conditioner will give you beautiful shiny locks, but an unhealthy hair routine will leave you with dry, damaged hair that’s dull and full of split ends! Here’s how to do it properly…

Step 1

Before entering the shower or bath, gently comb or brush through your hair getting rid of any knots and tangles, this will minimize hair breakage.

Step 2

Select the type of shampoo you need. You can get a shampoo based on your hair type so if you have dry hair, get a moisture rich shampoo for dry hair, if you have oily hair then invest in a shampoo that is specially for hair that gets greasy quickly.

Step 3

Use only a small bit of shampoo, just enough to cover the center of your palm, so about the size of a coin. Less is more when it comes to shampoo. Massage the shampoo into your scalp until your fingers hurt, this will thoroughly cleanse your scalp as well as helping to improve the circulation in the skin meaning healthier skin and better looking hair! Focus shampooing only the scalp area, there’s no need to rub the shampoo down your ends because when you rinse the shampoo out it will run down the ends anyway.

Step 4

Rinse the shampoo out using warm/cool water. Using really hot water will cause damage to your hair and dry it out giving you split ends! Feel free to comb through your hair gently at this point, it will help to keep the hair tangle-free.

Step 5

After you have rinsed out all the shampoo it’s time to use conditioner. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to the middle of your hair towards the ends. There’s no need to rub conditioner into your scalp as your scalp produces its own natural oils. Comb through your conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes, conditioner gets to work immediately on your hair so you don’t need to leave it for long. Rinse the conditioner out with cool water to really give you hair a beautiful shine and soft feel.

Once you have completed the above 5 steps the next best thing you can do is pat dry your hair so you don’t remove its moisture. Leave your hair to dry naturally if you can. When it comes to washing your hair, try to wash it twice a week if you can, washing it every day isn’t necessary and can strip your hair of color and its moisturizing natural oils, which give it shine.


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