How To Maintain Healthy Skin At Any Age

Authored By Ben Fisher

If you are looking for how to maintain healthy skin no matter what your age, you’re reading the right article. As you get older, your skin will change, and your needs will also change, accordingly. What you needed to have beautiful skin as a teenager is different than what you need in your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond.

You’re not abnormal if you experience acne even after you’ve left your teens and early 20s. Everyone is different. So…what I have done is to create a general guide for you to follow at any age to make sure that your skin stays soft, supple, smooth, well-moisturized, and blemish free.

It’s not difficult at all to learn how to adjust your daily skincare regimen to match your current needs.

How To Maintain Healthy Skin If You’re In Your 30s

Generally-speaking by the time you reach your 30s, you shouldn’t have overly oily skin, but if you do still struggle a bit with adult acne, here’s what you can do.

Step 1:  Keep your skin clean

Lots of people don’t feel like it’s necessary to wash your face morning and night, but it really is. In the morning, of course, you’re just starting your day, so you’ll want to be fresh-faced. At night, you’ll want to wash off the dirt and makeup (if you wear it) from the day.

The cleaner your skin is, the easier it will be to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Step 2: Lessen the oil on your skin with a gentle astringent

One of the best natural astringents is witch hazel. It’s not harsh or over-drying. You can use it multiple times per day, if needed, and it won’t damage your skin. It is alcohol-free, it soothes the inflammation that can come from raised bumps, and it helps to tighten your pores.  

Make sure that you use it on clean skin, right before you use your oil-free moisturizer. If you don’t like Witch Hazel, there are lots of other astringents your can purchase. If you can find one without alcohol (which is very drying to the skin), that will be better!

How To Maintain Healthy Skin In Your 40s

By the time you reach your 40s, this is usually the age when you’ll start to see changes in your skin that you might not have noticed, previously. You might see tiny crow’s feet, smile lines, and you may notice a little more dryness than you have in previous years.

Whatever you did well in your 20s and 30s will show up in your skin’s health during your 40s. In your 40s, there are two things that you can do to really give yourself glowing, healthy skin.

Step 1:  Exfoliate

You can use a gentle skin buff in the form of a cream-based facial scrub, or you can use lotion-based exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids. Facial scrubs will scrub off dead skin cells while the acids will give you a surgery-free skin peel.

Both remove the topmost layer of your skin to reveal the fresher smoother skin underneath. If you notice any skin irritation, use the scrub or the exfoliant less frequently. 1-2 times per week should be enough to notice an improvement in your skin’s texture and appearance.

Step 2: Use A Good Moisturizer And Make Sure It Has Sunscreen

The older you get, the more important it is for you to protect your skin from the signs of aging. When you expose your skin to too much sun, you run the risk of experiencing a thing called photo aging.

Have you ever left something out in the sun for too long and noticed how it seems to dry out and become crinkly? Well…the same thing can happen to your skin. So use a moisturizer with a good sunscreen. It’s important to keep your skin well-moisturized in your 40s because it is starting to be a little more dry at this age than it was in your 20s and 30s.

How To Maintain Healthy Skin In Your 50s And Beyond

By the time you reach your 50s and 60s, the signs of aging will be clear. Taking care of your skin during these years means having really good moisturization, and you might find yourself investing in creams that help fight wrinkles for the very first time.

Be sure that you eat well, get enough rest, and watch out for any signs of your skin changing. You may see liver spots for the very first time or notice a darkening of your skin. These can both be handled by using skin brighteners. You can either use a name brand skin lightener, or you can keep it all-natural with citrus (lemon or orange).

No matter what your age, make sure that you sleep at least 7 hours per night, that you are drinking enough water, and that you’re eating a fair amount of fruits and vegetables every day. Combining good skin care with a healthy lifestyle can help to slow down your skin’s natural aging process and ensure that your skin looks great for as long as possible.


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