How to Cut Calories

Authored By Ben Fisher

Hey everyone, as you know cutting calories in order to lose weight can be really tough. There are many ways however of cutting calories, one such ways of losing weight can be achieve is while you are preparing your food. I came up with a routine that will cut calories while preparing food. Let’s talk about them now!

You should maintain a food diary for at least fifteen days and write everything that you consume in that diary. Now, everything means everything except for plain water. Even if you take your tea and coffee without milk and sugar, it should still go there. At the end of the day review that diary. The review will help you to understand how many unnecessary calories you have consumed, and how you can cut those unnecessary calories.

Find out your daily caloric needs and set a goal for your target daily intake. You can calculate how many calories you need to maintain your current weight easily online. Don’t set yourself up for failure by depriving yourself of too many calories too quickly.

The next step is on how you cook your food. If your going to cook your food in a frying pan with a whole bunch of grease, that is going to pack the calories. It’s actually healthier to cook your food on a grill rather then frying it if you can. This is because the grease drips down into the grill. It won’t contain as much fat and will contain less calories.

Most fresh whole foods are naturally low calorie. You can eat more for less calories. If you want to lose weight fast and never feel deprived – eat more fruits, veggies, and healthy grains. Plant foods take up space in your tummy so you feel satisfied and that makes you less likely to grab those high calorie fattening junky foods.

Unfortunately that is not how our bodies are programmed to work.

Humans are a survival type of animal and have developed over time so that fat is stored for when it may be required. By not consuming enough calories our bodies think it is starving which makes it want to keep the fat already stored.

The strategy to eating more and cutting calories is to eat those foods that are normally avoided in the diet. These would be the fresh fruits and vegetables. Most people do not like the taste of these and do not find them satisfying. When you are hungry, eating some baby carrots does not give that full feeling that other foods give.

At your workplace, avoid unhealthy habits such as drinking too much tea, coffee or smoking. If you want to live a healthy and a balanced life then you need to make some changes at your work place like drinking 3 to 4 cups of green tea rather than going for a coffee or tea, avoiding junk foods, and drinking a lot of water throughout the day.


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