How to Burn More Calories While Exercising

Authored By Ben Fisher

The number of calories that you burn during a day depends on multiple factors. While you can control some of the factors, there are few others that are beyond your control. For example, you can choose to exercise more in order to lose weight, but have least control on your metabolism and energy levels. But, if you want, you can also enhance your metabolism and energy levels by following certain simple tips:   Remember, you can burn more calories if you put in more efforts while exercising. For example, if you walk or run faster, you are likely to burn more calories and lose more weight too. In simple words, any extra efforts that you make while exercising is going to show in terms of calorie or weight loss.  

But, this doesn’t mean that you start running as fast as possible or lift more weight that you can manage to lose calories. It is important to follow a simple but sensible approach. Do you know anaerobic exercise can help you to burn lots of calories? Aerobic is a unique way of loosing extra weight and calories in the fastest manner. One can achieve a fast weight loss when he rigorously goes through a systematic exercising routine.    You can also follow your favorite hobby to lose weight too! How about playing a game like tennis, football or basketball? Swimming can also be one the good choices as it allows you to move your entire body in a set rhythm. Even an age-old activity called skipping rope can also serve your purpose well.  

Sexual intercourse can be one more activity that allows you to burn extra calories after a satisfying session. On an average, you lose 150 calories in a 30 minute sexual act. It increases the heart and breathing rate, as the blood rushes through the entire body by making it warm and revitalized.   Another excising routine that triggers weight loss is Yoga. A flexible body can reap the maximum benefit from yoga. A controlled breathing along with rhythmic stretches and postures can enhance metabolism with calorie burning mechanism.  


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