How to Burn More Calories on an Elliptical

Authored By Ben Fisher

Always remember that there are only 3 ways to increase your calorie burn during any activity, including using an elliptical. The first is to do the activity for a longer period of time.

To extend your time on an elliptical comfortably, be sure to use a moderate pace at first. This will help keep you from getting too fatigued. You also want to make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing, have some sort or natural light and keep the air around your circulating. You also want to have plenty of fresh water and maybe even a source of sugar (like from fruit) to keep the blood sugar up. All of these factors are crucial in creating a comfortable environment so you can set up for a long workout. Ignoring any of these will cause you to become tired or slightly irritated resulting in a shorter workout.

The second way to increase your calorie burn is to use more muscle mass. This is much easier to do on an elliptical that has the moving arms, as long as you use them well. It’s far too easy to simply grab on the handles and let the machine more your arms.

The best way to use a full body elliptical is to put some conscious thought into pushing and pulling the handles. This will bring more muscles into the motion thus burning more calories. It takes some practice, but with time you can greatly improve your results with this technique.

The final way to burn more calories is to increase the resistance you are using. In the simplest terms, you burn more energy on level 5 than you do on level 3.

I recommend having a few shorter workout sessions where you try and push the resistance level up pretty high. This will make your legs and cardio system stronger for the longer sessions.

So if you are used to using a level 5 workout for an hour, doing some shorter sessions at level 8 might make it possible to use level 6 for future hour long workouts.

Interval training is also a good way to boost your levels of resistance. Simply pick any 20-30 second time slot and ramp up the intensity for that time. Afterward return to your normal level. This technique will boost your average intensity and thus your average calorie burn.

* Be sure to use the power of music and positive thoughts to keep your energy level high so you can workout for longer and at a higher pace.
* Don’t forget the importance of eating well and getting a good nights sleep. If your energy level is low, you won’t burn many calories simply because you are fatigued.

* Be sure you don’t hang or drape yourself on the stationary handle bars. This will cause your body weight to be supported by the machine thus taking away both intensity and limit how many muscle groups are involved in the exercise. It might be easier, but this can drastically cut back on your results.

* Be sure to listen to your body when you are doing intervals. They are meant to push you, but not cause you to feel pain or great discomfort. If you feel dizzy or have head aches stop immediately and seek medical advice.

be fit and live free,


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