How to Burn More Calories in Exercise

Authored By Ben Fisher

We need to go on a diet and exercise in order to lose weight. We can control and consume fewer calories by going on a diet. But only exercise can take care of those that we’ve already eaten.

We have heard that the only proven formula to lose weight is to burn more calories than we eat. For every pound we want to lose, we need to create a 3,500 calorie deficit. You may reduce 3,500 calorie on a diet but my experience told me that exercising is the fastest and effective way to lose the calories. Therefore we should include exercise routine in our daily schedule to lose weight.

Exercise Better

It is doesn’t matter whether you just began your exercise routine or exercised on a regular basis, you may need the following information so that you can make your weight loss efforts a lot easier. Running and jogging are part of the most efficient ways to burn calories.

Speed Bursts. Running is a good exercise for us. In starting, you may lose pounds of weight very easy. However, our body is “smart” and can get used of the steady-pace five miles run that used to help you to lose weight. Therefore adding some speed bursts section can help to you break this phenomena. You can try this: Warm up, doing the first mile at 10 minutes pace. Picking up the second mile in 8 minutes and back to 10 minutes for next mile. Repeat this process until you finish your five miles run. Just like a car, the body will need more calorie to speed up. So speed bursts section is a must for your running exercise.

Head for the hills. According to some reports, whenever our heart rate goes up, we are burning more calories. So one of the common way to pump up our heart rate is to head uphill.

You may select some small uphills and go up the steeper side of it (for the biggest calorie burning). However, what goes up must come down. In downhill running, our muscles and joints will have more stress. Therefore we are suggested to walk down the side slowly.

Make it double. Maybe you have set a running section in your evening timetable. But you can burn more calories if you break your exercise into 2 running section – one in the morning and one in the evening.

If you think that it is hard for you to follow my advices above, then I will suggest you to get a treadmill. I always run on my treadmill. I can run on the treadmill in my house without worry about the time and weather. Besides that, nowadays, treadmill has been included a lot of program that let us do the speed bursts and uphill training easily.


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