Exercises to Burn Fat and Speed Fat Loss

Authored By Ben Fisher

Obesity is a serious problem around the world and particularly in the United States when up to 40% of the population can be considered obese. When you’re obese, you basically have too high of a fat level in your body and it has become a real health concern. In terms of BMI, you’re obese if you have a BMI over 25. There are plenty of tools online that will help you find your own BMI, or you can seek out a consultation with a doctor for more precise measurements.

One of the best ways to succeed with fat loss is by participating in a weightlifting boot camp workout. When you lift weights you build up muscle, which will speed up your metabolism so that you burn more calories and end up increasing fat loss. To burn fat while lifting, consider using a high amount of repetitions, around 12 per set.

The best exercise for this is squats and if you are looking to take the easy way out this isn’t for you. Squats are an intense and provide a real boot camp feeling, you’ll really feel the burn with these intense movements. Always maintain proper form by keeping your back straight as you squat up and down with a weight on your shoulders or holding dumbbells in each hand.

Another great way to speed up your fat loss is to use an incline treadmill which will add to the intensity of you cardio workout. You can set a treadmill to a 10-15 degree incline for a great workout, or just find some real hills to walk around in your neighborhood.

Of course jogging is always a popular method for a boot camp workout and for fat loss. Again, you can choose to do this on a treadmill or around your neighborhood or other outdoor areas. If you mix in periods of sprints with your jogging you’ll really kick up your fat loss a great deal.

To maximize your sessions and make the most out of your time don’t jog for more than 30 minutes.

You don’t have to overdo it in order to be successful. Remember to mix in weightlifting to really increase your fat loss and then supplement that with walking, jogging and other cardio exercises.

Beyond the basic squat there are lots of boot camp variations that you can use as well, which will keep things interesting and successful. You can begin with bodyweight squats that don’t use any weight at all. From three you can progress to harder variations including prisoner squats and split squats. Eventually you can move to single leg squats which are very difficult and challenging.


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