Does Your Calorie Intake Matter?

Authored By Ben Fisher

There seem to be a lot of diets, books and articles out there at the moment that will tell you to ignore calories. Most people looking to lose weight would just love to be able to do this…you know what I mean…ignore any mention of calories. And for many people, going on a low calorie diet, looking at the calorie content of every food you eat and watching your calorie intake every single day can just be soul-destroyingly boring. But, are these diets, books and articles right? Can you actually lose weight by ignoring your calorie intake completely?

To be honest most of these diets, and the information that supports them will simply give a work around to the issue of calories. So, as such they don’t really seem to mean that calorie intake doesn’t matter — they’re just trying a new spin to get you to try there particular solution out.

The fact is that you cannot ignore your calorie intake if you are looking to lose weight because it is this very intake (along with some related factors such as exercise) that makes your body decide whether you’re going to lose weight, gain weight or stay at the same weight.

Everybody has their own optimal individual calorie intake level. Let me explain. In general terms your daily recommended calorie count is based on whether you are male or female, your age, your weight and your height…and how active you are. Stick to your optimal calorie intake level and your body will use the calories you eat and burn them off…and you won’t gain weight. Eat more than you should and you’ll gain weight, unless you exercise your butt off every single day to compensate for it.

It really is that simple. Too many calories and you get fatter and fatter and fatter. So, your calorie intake does matter. In fact it doesn’t just “matter”, it’s actually very important to your health and well-being.

From a general health perspective, if you ignore your calorie intake and eat more calories than you should then you’ll keep on gaining weight, and sooner or later you’ll probably get to a point where you could develop serious weight-related health issues. The same goes if you eat less than your ideal calorie intake level says you should…you’ll keep losing weight. And you could still make yourself ill here as well.

The fact is that your ideal calorie count tells you something real important. It tells you how many calories your body ideally needs to keep functioning to the best of its abilities. That’s why it’s called the optimum or ideal calorie level. The calories you eat every single day are simply the fuel that keeps your body going. Most people wouldn’t dream of not refueling their car, but for some reason they seem to be quite happy about either leaving their bodies short on gas or so stuffed full that they overflow in fat terms!

So, there is one really important fact to consider here about calories. If you cut down too far on your calories, or exceed your recommended calorie intake by too much…then you could do yourself some real physical harm.

So, does your calorie intake matter? On balance it would definitely seem like it does, so don’t ignore it, find out what your optimal daily calorie level should be, understand what it’s all about and use it to your advantage.


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