DIY Beauty: Make Your Own Cosmetics with Simple Kitchen Items

DIY Beauty: Make Your Own Cosmetics with Simple Kitchen Items

Authored By Ben Fisher

The price of cosmetics continues to climb, and many women want and need high-quality beauty products that do not cost a mint. If you have a yearning for instant beauty on a budget, consider the following tips for how you can make your own personalized cosmetics, with ingredients that are probably in your kitchen, right now.

Create a soothing facial mask by mixing plain yogurt with honey. Yogurt has mild acids in it that remove the top layer of dead skin cells, giving your face a smoother, healthy complexion. Honey is a natural antibiotic, and it also soothes inflammation. Mix the two ingredients in equal parts, apply and relax for about 20 minutes before rinsing off.

Make a deep hair conditioner with olive oil. Warm up one cup of olive oil in the microwave. Completely coat your hair, massaging the oil into your scalp. Place a plastic bag over your hair, then add heat with a hair dryer set on the low setting. After 20 minutes, remove the bag and rinse. Follow up with a high-quality shampoo.

Use crushed strawberries to exfoliate your hands and feet. The acid in strawberries helps slough away dead, rough skin. Additionally, strawberry is used as a teeth-whitener. Just rub the pulp across your teeth for a few minutes, then rinse. You may need to repeat this treatment several times to achieve noticeable whitening results.

Mix one part apple cider vinegar to four parts water for a soothing facial toner. When your skin is dry, itchy and flaky, the pH balance is usually off. Lightly spray the vinegar and water mixture on your skin, or dab it on with your fingers or a cotton ball. Not only will the flakes and dryness vanish, you will probably notice fewer breakouts over time as well. The vinegar smell fades very quickly; add a few drops of lavender or another essential oil to improve the scent.

Soothe your irritated eyes with two teabags. First, brew the tea and remove the tea bags, letting them cool. The tannins in black tea have an astringent quality that tightens your skin and soothes inflammation. Lie back and apply one tea bag to each eye, and rest for 20 minutes before removing. Cucumbers are also highly astringent, and refrigerated cucumber slices make a cool, refreshing eye pick-me-up during hot summer months.

Use baking soda for a facial exfoliating scrub. Baking soda granules can help slough off dead skin cells and refresh your complexion. Use it in the shower and follow up with your vinegar and water skin toner. Be careful not to use the baking soda scrub too often, though, because it can be drying if used too often. White or brown sugar, or sea salt, can also be used for exfoliation. Mix with some olive oil to make your own salt or sugar scrub, and use it in the shower for amazingly soft skin.

Maintaining your beauty does not need to cost a lot of money. You have plenty of items in your cupboards and refrigerator that can smooth and exfoliate your skin, whiten your teeth and condition your hair, among other things. Try a few of the above tips, and see how much fun you have and how much money you save.


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