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Authored By Ben Fisher

Have you ever imagine to live in a world surrounded by everything which are lightweight? Have you ever wanted that for once you can fly? Gravity is certainly there to keep our feet on the ground. It is because of gravity that we learn to appreciate the nice part of walking on earth which is not possible in the moon. Walking may just be normal to us but then it is a kind of exercise.

If we want to measure the calories burned from walking all by ourselves, the difficult part is to get the exact amount burned. But we have to thank technology for this. It leads to the distribution of gadgets beneficial in measuring the actual values of calories burned. These include the Bodybugg, Sensewear, Suunto M2 HR Monitor, New Balance VIA Step, and the running chip from Nike.

Bodybugg is useful in taking note of the calories burned and used up by the body. It also has its built in pedometer so you can track down the distance and speed. On the other hand, we have Sensewear that can track down the movements and calories burned every minute. The Suunto M2 HR Monitor does not only measure heart rate, but it also measures the calories burned. And of course, the New Balance performing the so-called VIA step which monitors the time, pace, and distance.

Nike and Apple have tied up with their innovation on weight monitoring gadgets. They have the running chip that can be inserted on the insole of the shoe and has the sensor to track movements. And due to this, you now can track the distance covered and calories reduced by just using your iPod and iPhone while you listen to the music. We have also the iPhone calorie monitoring application which can be downloaded from iTunes. Just look for nike + GPS.

Well, we just cannot deny that gravity put such pressure to us but the amount of these gadgets likely give us the same pressure. If you want to save a lot, a 400 meters walk will do the trick. After doing such, sit and search online for an online calculator that will help you get the amount of calories reduced in walking. Anyway, our goal is to lose calories to weigh lighter so we can move easier, right?


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