Calories Burnt Without Exercise – How Many Calories Does a Body Burn Naturally?

Authored By Ben Fisher

Most likely, you know that your metabolism is somehow connected to your weight. This is indeed true as your weight greatly depends on the total amount of calories consumed and the amount you burn. When you take in more calories than you actually need, you gain a whole lot of weight. When you take in less than what is needed, you lose weight. Metabolism is the body’s process of burning calories.

Now, you must have also heard that for you to burn energy, you need to exercise. That again is true; however, the body also burns calories naturally without even working out on a treadmill or doing any other cardio exercise. As you can see, your body converts food into energy even without you doing any exercise. It is a biochemical process where calories from carbs, proteins, and fats are combined with oxygen that releases the energy your body needs to function. It all happens naturally.

Even when your body is at rest, it still requires energy to fuel your organs, your breathing, and blood circulation. Digestion and food processing – food absorption, transportation, and storage – accounts for 10 percent of your energy used daily. Daily physical activities can also burn energy. Just climbing the stairs for one minute burns 8.4cals, an hour of babysitting uses 222cals, an hour of thinking consumes 110cals, and cooking and preparing meals spends 80cals.

A day of staying at home babysitting your children, doing household chores, car washing, and simply thinking while standing or sitting can already burn calories. Your body does it all naturally. But of course, if you are working on losing a lot of weight, it is still best to do some work outs or any form of exercise.

This would boost your metabolism and hence use more energy. In addition, if you eat a balanced meal, you do not have to worry about taking in too much calories in the first place.


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