Burn More Calories When Exercising

Authored By Ben Fisher

As exercise involves movements of body parts and energy, you burn burns calories for each movement you make. However, the calorie burning ability associated with each exercise is directly associated with the speed or energy with which you exercise. Therefore, it is possible to increase the calorie burning potential of an exercise if you make certain changes in your movement. To explain this statement a little easier lets look at an example.

To understand this, let’s consider an example. Imagine that you need to catch a train before it leaves the station, and you are already late. As the importance of the event is high, your desire to run fast would be more. Naturally, your leg movement will be faster, and you will be spending more energy to catch the train before it leaves the station.

So, if the perceived importance of the exercise is low, you tend to burn less calories due to low motivation level. But this doesn’t not mean that you start exercising vigorously without getting proper training. You need to gradually build up your fitness levels before you train your body hard. And, a dieter should never try to exercise hard during the early stages of a weight loss program. In fact, you should take it easy during early stages of exercising to enable your body lose more fat rather than just burning calories.

So, how to burn more calories while exercising? This is simple. Increase your effort level in each exercise. Remember, it is not possible to lose weight if you don’t increase your metabolism. Do you know even a minor change in your metabolic rate will help you lose fats over many months without following a strict dieting schedule?

Ways to burn more calories when exercising:

• Exaggerate each movement to burn more calories

• Focus on main muscle groups such as your legs, back, and buttocks to burning calories

• Opt for exercises such as walking, jogging, dancing, as they require additional energy for achieving body balance.

As a result, you burn more calories than cycling or rowing.

• You can burn more calories if you make continuous movements while exercising.


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