Burn Fat and Calories

Authored By Ben Fisher
It can be quit a challenge to loose weight, but ultimately when you accomplish it, your life will change dramatically. When someone tells you they are going on a diet, what do you imagine? I can visualize him with a plate of carrots and cauliflower for dinner, an apple and a hunk of cheese maybe for lunch and a special cereal for breakfast. I know, I did it all backwards. You eat breakfast first each day. Why do people think they have to suffer to shed the excessive flab?
I’m not an expert in dietics, a nurse or a doctor, but I do know that in order to loose weight you only have a few things you need to do. The first and the foremost requirement is to push yourself away from the table before helping yourself with the second serving. You can also use smaller plates. Smaller plates trick your mind into thinking you are eating more than you are. A large plate with the same amount of food on it makes you feel deprived when done. Your mind has focused on the half full plate. You should eat more vegetables and fruit but less of potatoes and bread. You can have the meat but make good choices. You can eat fried chicken, but don’t eat it every night. Steak, roast beef, meat loaf are all good choices, they aren’t usually saturated in fat while being cooked. Then eating fish is simply great. Especially cold water oily fish like salmon, tuna, halibut plus others. These are the fish that are full of fat but they contain omega 3 fatty acids, a fat our bodies need. Make sure to include fish to your diet plan a week.
The only part a lot of people really dread about loosing weight and burning fat is the exercise part. Even that doesn’t have to be horrible. Taking a daily walk with your pet is one way you can burn fat. Walking at 3 miles an hour for about an hour a day will work wonders. You don’t have to start off in the form of a marathon. Start off with 15 minute walks if you are really out of shape and need to loosen up those joints and muscles first. If you don’t have a pet, and would like to have one, visit the animal shelter where they can match you up with the perfect pet for you. Or else you can walk with a friend or spouse. I find a much more enthusiastic partner in my dog though. Every time I give him a hint of going for a walk, he runs for his leash. If you ask someone else to accompany you for a walk, he will usually say, “later maybe.” Well, later doesn’t usually come.
We are all set to start loosing weight now, right? Got the right idea as to what to eat less of in order to loose weight and work body a little. Remember the weight indicating on a scale is not from what you ate or did yesterday. It may not even be from what you did a couple of days ago. It could be the result of what you did or over ate 3 to 4 days ago. Don’t think you will see a weight loss in the short run. How long did it take you to gain that excess weight? It took a while if you are like me. Not just one or two days. Not even just one month. A few months at least. I therefore expect that it should take me at least half that time to loose the weight or longer. If you loose weight too fast, you will have a bunch of flabby skin hanging on your body. Hopefully that will slowly go away, but sometimes it doesn’t.
Never be in a hurry. You have plenty of time to loose that weight. Then afterwards, keep some of your new habits you have formed and maybe you won’t have to do an actual diet again.
Start burning your excessive fat and calories right from today. A healthier and a slimmer you will be your reward.


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